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The Child Health department is based at Hollyfield House and provides comprehensive administrative and information services for children aged 0 – 18 years who are registered with a Kingston GP and support the health professionals who require child health information.

The department also plays a co-ordinating role in the delivery of the childhood immunisation programme which is provided by General Practioner practices across Kingston.

Community medical records for all children registered with Kingston GPs are maintained electronically within the department.

What we offer:

  • Point of contact for Birth Units wishing to report a new birth.

  • Supporting delivery of the National Screening programme.

  • Provide data for Public Health statutory returns

  • Respond to GP and parent requests for immunisation information.

  • Secure transfer of records to other child health services.

  • Enable health professionals to access up-to-date information on children.

  • Provide a main point of contact for issues relating to child health data.

Contact us:

We are based at Hollyfield House.

Department Email Address: 

Marjan Daneshpour - Head of Information and Child Health Tel: 020 8339 8118

Elaine Bramwell - Child Health Admin Tel: 020 8339 8144


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