The Amy Woodgate Specialist Resource centre provides a residential and day care service for older people with dementia. Applicants will need to have an understanding and empathy for people with dementia whether this has been gained through working with people with dementia or personal experience.

Amy Woodgate Day Centre is the only specialist day service for people with a dementia in Kingston, it is open all week including every weekends 365 days a year reflecting our commitment to providing care for people with a dementia and respite for families and carers whenever it is needed.

We are ideally located in a new purpose built facility that has five separate activity rooms, with carefully designed and equipped space including the latest concepts in dementia design (winning a design award in 2010).

Our team are all specifically trained in dementia care and we are recognised as an Eden Alternative provider which emphasises the importance of providing meaningful activity and relieving isolation and boredom. 

We are able to provide small group activity and individual support due to our high staffing ratio of 1 staff member to each five people. All of our Day Care team are trained in providing personal care and administration of medication, we have accessible toilets and bathrooms to meet a wide range of needs, and personal care including bathing is part of the service available at no additional cost.  

The Centre provides its own dedicated accessible transport to collect people from home assisting people to get ready with both physical care and encouragement and returning people home after a full day at Amy.

Activities in the Centre include physical activity, stimulating games and quizzes tailored to people’s abilities and arts and crafts. We are able to make use of our vehicles throughout the day and use them frequently to go on short outing to local places of interest and further afield to trips to the seaside and National Trust and other gardens and open spaces. 

We understand that considering a Day Centre can be a daunting idea for both people and their families and we offer a flexible way of introducing the support we can offer by an initial home visit to talk about what we do and introduce ourselves or if people prefer and initial visit to the Centre to have a look round meet some staff and other people who come the Centre to get a feel of the place. 

For people who may have become isolated and find starting anything new particularly challenging we will offer a gradual introduction to the Centre involving a series of home visits and short stays at the Day Centre to help people to become accustomed to coming to our Centre. This is proving to work well with some people who maybe initially very reluctant you accept any services. 

People are referred to the service by a Care Manager usually from Kingston Social Services or the Community Mental Health Team at Tolworth Hospital, some families hear about us from friends and are very welcome to come and look round prior to being assessed for support by a Care Manager. 

The assessment process will include a financial assessment which will determine how much people will be charged for using the Day Service, if people are assessed as eligible to fully fund the cost of the Service the charge is £45.00 per day plus a further £4.80 for meals and refreshments. 

The level of charge is in keeping with Kingston’s contribution policy and national guidelines on charging for services. People assessed as not being eligible for charges will still need to pay for meals and refreshments at £4.80 per day. 

The Day Centre is located alongside a residential service which many people who come to the Centre use for occasional respite breaks this is a huge source of support to families and carers and can help people to become relaxed and confident in different surrounding over time which is particularly important when families are planning for a future when residential care may be a important future source of support. While we are aware this service is a great benefit to many families the residential services are separate and discreet from the Day Centre which is important in reducing some peoples concerns when they come to Amy Woodgate.

Amy Woodgate has our own Chef preparing fresh food is everyday from our Kitchen we are able to tailor meals to individual diets and cultural needs.

The Team at Amy Woodgate are very proud of the service we offer and we work hard to keep up to date with the latest ideas and evidence on the support and care for people with a dementia.